“Söndörgő are proving themselves to be one of Europe’s most versatile and exciting bands.”
Simon Broughton, Songlines Magazine


The brotherhood of virtuosity, contemporary inventions and respect - Söndörgő from Hungary combines these all brilliantly with their signature instrument, the Hungaro-Serbian tambura.

Discover with them the delicate beauty and fizzing energy of a different Balkan sound. Come and dance the čoček, drink palinka and get dizzy on Söndörgő’s extraordinary odd rhythms.



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by Söndörgő & Amsterdam Klezmer Band

Szikra, a magical collaboration between the Amsterdam Klezmer Band and Söndörgő, is set to sweep the European festival stages this summer. When playing live the bands merge into a grooving, uplifting supergroup with a totally unique sound. The first concerts were electrifying. Klezmer and Balkan fans are already looking forward to the upcoming tour.

  • 4:59
    Söndörgő & Amsterdam Klezmer Band
  • 3:32
    Söndörgő & Amsterdam Klezmer Band
  • 4:27
    Söndörgő & Amsterdam Klezmer Band